Sunday, September 6, 2009

I Think They're Broken!

My ribs are killing me. I crashed two weeks ago while trying to heal a neck injury. Dumb, I know. I shouldn't have been out on my mtn. bike in the first place, but I was just riding to work and I didn't think I could hurt myself so badly on the mild trails between the casa and the workplace. Guess I was mistaken. I was riding a sweet little singletrack which I had never shredded before and came over the top of a little lump of dirt with some forward momentum, realizing only after it was too late that I needed to steer hard left at the top of the little whoop de do in order to avoid a 4+ foot drop. I had some momentum, but not that much momentum. My front end was already over the edge of the drop before I even had time to react and my sorry efforts at pulling the bars upward and thrusting my weight back were in vain.

I sailed ass over end straight off the drop, landing squarely on my head and then flopping straight onto my back left side. The ground where I landed was flat and I landed with a dead thump and a solid impact. No bouncing or rolling or sliding to dispurse the impact and my momentum. Nope, just my rib cage to break my fall. I stayed curled up in the fetal position for a minute or so, groaning and trying to catch my breath, not quite understanding what just happened. My first thought was, "I can't believe I just crashed at Empire Mine, this is ridiculous!" My second thought was, "Oh man, my neck is gonna be super screwed up now, I landed on my freakin head..."

Appearantly though, landing on the head while nursing a neck injury speeds recovery of the neck. The trick is not to immediately land on your ribs following the head impact... I haven't slept a good solid night in the last two weeks, laying down hurts. Urghh. I think I was starting to get better though and I decided to go on a mtn bike ride today to make sure everything was in order for this weekend(Tahoe Sierra). I burped a tire around a corner which lead to a little foot high drop. Nice, this meant that instead of falling just to ground level and landing directly on the injured side of my body, I was hurled off the drop; landing another foot lower than the height where the fall was initiated. Of course, I managed to land directly on the ribs in question. I feel like I might die right now. Just kidding. A little. It does hurt pretty badly though and I am not super stoked that I went and did this to myself.

On the bright side, I have been working a lot on seated climbing, so even though I can't stand up or pull up on my handlebars, I should still be able to ride up the climbs this weekend at a respectable pace. It's gonna be and interesting day in the saddle.

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