Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Time to Rest...

I am exhausted. It's time for a little break I think. It's not as if I've been racing a lot over the last month or so, but I'm tired none the less. In fact, I have a tendancy to become more beat down during periods when I don't race than during periods when I do.

Knowing that I have a race coming up keeps me from going all out during training days, it keeps me from adding on a couple of extra hours in the evenings which start out as an easy spin and evolve into a hammer fest. No racing means no tangible reason to take it easy. So although I haven't been racing, I've had a few 30-40 hr training weeks over the last month and with school starting back up and work remaining as busy as ever, I think a few days off the bike will do me some good.

Rest of the week off, back on the bike on Saturday.

See you all at Tahoe Sierra... I'm thinking of rocking my hardtail. Has anyone ridden the course? Would a FS be better?

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