Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Latest

In case you don't have time to read about my entire winter experience in "Winter Wonder Land", I wanted to give everyone the latest little tid bits very quickly.

I'm super stoked because I just found out that I'll be racing in this year's Furnace Creek 508 road race in October. It's gonna be epic.

I was planning on racing in the 24 hour National Championships this year as well at the beginning of June over in West Viginia. However, the race has been cancelled and moved to Moab and will be happening the weekend after Furnace Creek... So, that's a no-go this season.

Same thing is true for 24 hour World Champs in Australia. That race takes place the same weekend as our Nationals, so it looks like I'll just have to crush some souls at furnace creek this year instead!

I'm also planning on doing a 24 hour road race in April which is a qualifier for RAAM. So, wish me luck with that one. Um, what else....

Oh, I was supposed to race today, but I'm battling the super sickness from hell right now. I barely even remember what it feels like not to have a cold. But, I raced the Sagebrush Safari a couple of weeks ago and I'm planning to do Vision Quest and Fontana this month also. I'll be up at the Otter too this season since I just love getting destroyed in XC events...

I'll leave you with this, the new yellow Mavic shoes are pretty much my favorite thing in the world to look at right now. I want it to get warm just so that I can take my booties off and look at the awesome-ness that is my feet when they are slipped inside of these new kicks. Oh, and I just got a new-to-me PowerTap computer. I'm still getting the software situation dialed in but I'm pretty pumped on it so far. Ok, I'll keep this thing up to date from now on, promise.

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