Saturday, March 13, 2010

Wanna Have Some Fun?

So, I have been lucky enough to help out over the last couple of months at Cycling Camp San Diego events with a group of super stand up guys who love sharing the beauty of San Diego county with groups of cycling enthusiasts from all over the world.

Basically, we have pretty amazing weather most of the time down here in sunny SoCal and from what I gather, there are quite a few other places that have down right unpleasant winter conditions. As this is the case, Cycling Camp San Diego allows cycling enthusiasts from around the world to travel to San Diego for week long camps which include guided and fully sagged group rides, training tips and talks from pro mechanics, pro riders and certified coaches, and most importantly, a low stress environment which allow campers to log hundreds of worry free winter base miles. Essentially, you get to live like a pro for a week.

It's a pretty cool idea and the camps are a blast. But how could hanging out with a bunch of other cyclists while you ride through epic terrain in absolutely gorgeous weather while you would have been sitting on the rollers in the basement back at home not be a blast? If you live someplace where winter sucks, which is quite a few different places, CCSD is definitely worth checking out.

CCSD is over on my sponsors list, click the name to check out the site. Or, just click this: Peace out

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