Monday, June 14, 2010

Aids Life Cycle is in the Books

OMG... Last week was quite an experience. I had originally intended to give you all daily updates as the Cannondale Bike Tech crew traveled down the California Coast along with 2300 cycling enthusiasts on our journey from San Francisco to Los Angeles, but things didn't turn out quite that way. Obviously.

Although this was the easiest year for the bike tech crew since they've been helping with this ride, it was still pretty damn busy out there each and every day of the ride. Up before sunrise and going full throttle until sunset left little time or desire for me to update the blog daily. And, looking back now it's as if all of the days and their events have been thrown into a blender and pureed into a beautiful concoction of laughter, scenerey, good people, hardwork, a noble cause.

So here it is in a nutshell. Oatmeal at 5 a.m., shift lever and cable swaps at 5:30a.m., about 1000 flat tire fixes, daily random bike part wild goose chases, Justin Timberlake, Aqua, and B.O.B bumpin at 6 a.m., packing up camp, moving camp, unpacking camp, headwinds that made me want to run home to my mommy, tailwinds that made me want to ride forever, a battle between Star Bucks and McDonald's drip Coffee, water bottles full of beer, 2000 cyclists in red, set up camp again, fix more flats, bump some Michael Jackson and Rihanna, everyone sing along cause we all know the words, work your ass off all day next to a group of the greatest guys you've ever met, change someone's day for the better, dance a little jig, fix another flat, pack the truck, laugh so hard you nearly pass out, grab a bite before falling into bed, and wake up to do it all again in six hours...

I guess what I'm really trying to say is that ALC was awesome. Now I'm in Utah. Yeehaw. I'm going to ride some new-to-me trails tomorrow and then I might have to go back to Cali to grab some bikes before flipping a bitch and heading straight back to Utah. Oh yeah, tomorrow might be gnarly.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

AIDS Life Cycle Day 1

We're here. San Francisco, CA to kick off the AIDS Life Cycle ride which leaves from the Cow Palace tomorrow waaaay before this kid should be out of bed and starts heading south toward LA where we'll finish up our journey on Saturday. Myself, a crew of Cdale boys and a group of volunteers will be on the road and at each and every stop along the way to ensure that the event's over 2000 participants make it from here to Socal with as little mechanical trouble as possible.

Mayhem is sure to ensue. Heck, it's already begun. Dinner at Elephant Bar on Graduation weekend followed by indoor go kart racing last night kicked off the festivities of the week and when you throw a group of bike nuts from all over the place into trucks and camp grounds all the way down the California Coastline for seven days, there's no telling what sort of shinanigans we're going to get into by the end of this thing.

Can't wait, but like I said, things kick off at a relatively unpleasant hour tomorrow and so I'm afraid that's about all I've got for this evening.

Oh, one more thing. I started running again a little bit last week. Kinda cool. Still hurts like a freakin S.O.B. at this point, but it's a little breath of fresh air. Kwait may have planted a dangerous seed in the fertile mind of yours truly this evening after hour jog when he suggested that I figure out how to flounder my way through the swimming portion of an X Terra event so that I could go out and slay the bike section and maybe hold my own during the run. He tells me there's money in that sort of triathlon stuff. I think that might mean I'd have to start wearing a singlet, arm warmers with a sleeveless top, and/or anklet socks, so I'm not fully gung-ho on the whole idea just yet. Goodnight.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


So I know this is a little out of order, especially since I haven't even finished my race report for Julian Death March and the Coolest 24 hour report has yet to be posted(it's in the works too) but I have some news which should be reported and is actually part of the reason that I haven't been able to keep up on other current events.

So, what's up? Well, I know that it's nearly impossible to believe, but yours truly got a real job. Huh? Dez got a job? Yeah, it sounds weird to me too, but it's not as serious as it sounds, hear me out. I am now the West Coast Demonstrationa and Event Coordinator for Cannondale Bicycles. Pretty official, eh?

What does that all mean though? I'm not completely sure, to be honest. Not just yet anyway. I know that it means things will be different for me from now on. Just how different and what specifically will change sort of remains to be seen at this point. Either way, I'm looking forward to the changes and the challenges which the new position will bring my way.

At this point, the biggest question mark is really what will happen to my racing. It would seem like working for Cannondale would allow me to race to my heart's content, but since part of my job is event and racer/racer support, it may actually work the other way around. But, we shall see. I figure that where there's a will, there's a way and if I truly want to toe the line, then I'll make it happen. For the next couple of months, until I get the hang of the position and get into my new groove, you shouldn't count on seeing too much of little Dezzi Wilder at at the races. Do not be fooled though, just cause I may not be racing doesn't mean I'm not staying fit enough to be a contender when I get back on course later this season....

Until then, I fully intend to keep you all updated on the new happenings and adventures of a demo truck driver as I cruise around the West Coast spreading Cdale love. Oh, and I promise I'll finish my write-ups on the last to races at some point too.