Saturday, June 5, 2010

AIDS Life Cycle Day 1

We're here. San Francisco, CA to kick off the AIDS Life Cycle ride which leaves from the Cow Palace tomorrow waaaay before this kid should be out of bed and starts heading south toward LA where we'll finish up our journey on Saturday. Myself, a crew of Cdale boys and a group of volunteers will be on the road and at each and every stop along the way to ensure that the event's over 2000 participants make it from here to Socal with as little mechanical trouble as possible.

Mayhem is sure to ensue. Heck, it's already begun. Dinner at Elephant Bar on Graduation weekend followed by indoor go kart racing last night kicked off the festivities of the week and when you throw a group of bike nuts from all over the place into trucks and camp grounds all the way down the California Coastline for seven days, there's no telling what sort of shinanigans we're going to get into by the end of this thing.

Can't wait, but like I said, things kick off at a relatively unpleasant hour tomorrow and so I'm afraid that's about all I've got for this evening.

Oh, one more thing. I started running again a little bit last week. Kinda cool. Still hurts like a freakin S.O.B. at this point, but it's a little breath of fresh air. Kwait may have planted a dangerous seed in the fertile mind of yours truly this evening after hour jog when he suggested that I figure out how to flounder my way through the swimming portion of an X Terra event so that I could go out and slay the bike section and maybe hold my own during the run. He tells me there's money in that sort of triathlon stuff. I think that might mean I'd have to start wearing a singlet, arm warmers with a sleeveless top, and/or anklet socks, so I'm not fully gung-ho on the whole idea just yet. Goodnight.

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