Sunday, February 6, 2011

Back In Action. Sorta.

Its been a while. Too long. A lot has happened since my last update. And yet, with all that has happened over the last 10 months, I find myself remarkably close to the place that I was at the time of my last post. Oh well, the earth is round after all, so how do we ever really expect to get anywhere? The further we go, the closer we are to getting back to where we started....

From racing, to working for Cannondale while racing, to giving up any hopes of racing, to throwing away what most any sensible person would consider a huge opportunity, to coming back home to norcal, to sitting here. Where is here? Here is Folsom, CA. For the first time in a number of months, I'm sitting in a kitchen in a place that I refer to as "home". Pretty cool.

Obviously, plenty of events worth sharing have come to be in my travels since my last post, but I can tell you all about that stuff later. First, a current event:

I made a really bad decision recently. In true Dez fashion, I completely disregarded the advice of friends and decided to do a little cross training this off-season by taking up the noble sport of running. Simple, pure, inexpensive, and enjoyable in just about any weather conditions. What's not to love?

Well, long story short, I have a lot of time to sit and think about the choices that I made this winter because my choices led me straight to a stress fracture in my right heel and a hard cast. Sweet.

So, what did I learn this winter? Cross training for cycling should basically consist of riding your bike on the indoor trainer. That is all. As a cyclist, I have spent countless hours perfecting and honing my skills on the bike while simultaneously stripping my body of all other athletic capabilities. This is a recipe for the perfect storm... 10 hours of cardio exercise? No problem. 2 hours of high impact trail running? Kryptonite to my Superman, apparently.

Anyhow, a lesson was learned and here I am. The good news? I will become a freaking push-up master over the next four weeks of this crutch wielding, cast wearing adventure. And, it's safe to say that I will be hungrier to ride a bike when this cast comes off than at any time ever before in the history of my universe.

Good times to come without a doubt, and luckily I have some amazing sponsors that are sticking with me through this little hiccup and I'm looking forward to hopping right back on the wagon(the racing/training wagon) once I get out of this pesky predicament.

I hope everyone with functional feet is out there putting in the miles during what has got to be the most beautiful winter that has ever happened. I'll be back out there with y'all soon enough... Be gentle.

In the meantime, I've got plenty to share from the last few months. Stay tuned.

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