Thursday, February 17, 2011

Yay For the Weather

I have got to admit that I am pretty stoked with the winter weather happening outside right now... I know that its not the sort of thing that a cyclist would generally be excited with, but I'm not exactly in the position a cyclist is generally in at the moment, with the broken foot and all.

It's pooring rain, it's windy, and it's pretty dang cold too. Miserable. But I gotta tell you, it sure makes sitting in the house go down a little easier. I realize that it's a bit selfish of me to be so excited for such terrible weather as it means poor riding conditions for the rest of the cycling community but you've got to understand that I have been sitting in the house for nearly a month now, gazing out the window at picture-perfect 70 degree sunshine soaked days wanting nothing more than to find a hacksaw in the garage and take care of this cumbersome cast. It's raining sideways just now. Today, I don't mind the cast so much.

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