Saturday, April 30, 2011


I ran head on into another rider today while out on the mountain bike. It could also be said that I was hit head on by another rider today while out on the mountain bike. Any way you slice it, my butt was on the ground before I had a chance to even begin to realize what was about to happen. No good.

Just out cruising Granite Bay and came into a blind corner at precisely the same time that another rider going the opposite direction was entering the very same blind corner. BAM!

As I laid there on the ground, entangled in not only my own bike but also within this strangers rig, I couldn't help but think that the worst thing imagineable had just happened and that my riding days were about to be put on hold once again so very quickly after I had rediscovered my bike. I became worried and angry immediately. No, not angry; frustrated, scared and disappointed. All of these thoughts and emotions had come and gone in the split second between hitting the dirt and reopening my eyes after impact.

Upon initial inspection and going through the mental body check before making any suddon moves; I found, to my delight and complete surprise, that nothing seemed to be broken and amazingly, even my ribs which have been healing from a crash a couple of weeks ago felt just fine despite the fact that my chest had crashed down onto the other riders front wheel on my journey to the earth's surface. Good news!

And what of the bikes? Also quite miraculously, both bikes appeared to come away from the crash with little or no damage. My rear wheel is out of whack as the other rider(whose name is Don) landed on top of it after my handlebars stabbed him in the back... Sorry bro. He was riding a steel single speed; pretty bomb proof and since the only impact it had to endure aside from hitting the ground was running full bore into my chest, the bike was in fine shape after the debacle.

Don was totally cool and every bit as apologetic as I was for the whole situation as we both agreed that that was a crash which was pretty well unavoidable given the circumstances. What an awkward situation?

"I just ran you over and flung you off of your bike. Sorry about that. By the way, my name is Dez-good to meet you too Don..."

After exchanging one final apology, we headed our seperate ways and I don't know about Don, but I found it quite difficult to find anything resembling a rythym for the rest of the afternoon. Oh well, every ride is a good ride, but some can't be as great as others.

I'm counting my blessings on this one. The last time I colided(and the first and only other time for those of you counting) with another rider I was not so lucky... There's probably a blog entry somewhere in here about that crash too.

Aaaaaahhhh.... Memories.

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