Friday, April 29, 2011


Have you stopped to think lately about just how incredible riding your bike really is?

It's pretty damn good, eh?

So, first off, I think I'm coming in at about a 60 on the scale of Dead-Kicking Ass(0-100) and I'm thouroughly enjoying the weather this week. Can a get an A-MEN?! No rain for more than 3 days in a row? You gotta be kidding me... It's almost like I live in a state known for it's sunshine or something. Strange. The foot is still stiff and weak and my pedal stroke doesn't flow the way it used to yet, but I can feel all the good things returning.

Today's words of wisdom: Never break your heel. It sucks.

Next, the news. After four wonderful years of sponsorship with Cannondale Bicycles' Mountain Bike Team and it's affiliated sponsors, first as part of the Bear Naked Granola Team, then as a member of the Sobe Cannondale Team, and finally as part of Cannondale Factory Racing, I have accepted a new sponsorship with Specialized Bicycles and WTB under the Sierra Nevada/Bicycles Plus Racing Team.

I am extremely excited about the opportunities which this team and these new sponsors
will provide me with and I am looking forward to getting back on my feet(literally) and into full racing shape by late summer aboard new bikes and new product.

I can't say enough good things about the time I spent with Cannondale and the experiences that I had flying the "Handmade in the USA" banner for The Beast of the East these last four seasons. I will never forget my time with the brand and the people that made it all happen. Cannondale gave me my first sponsorship opportunity when I had only a season's worth of results and a whole lot of hope and determination. Some of the best and worst moments of my life have been spent aboard Cannondales and I wouldn't trade a single one of those moments for anything. Thank you to everyone at Cannondale for allowing this kid to live the dream....

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