Tuesday, January 8, 2013


The world has been dark for so long,
The presence of light is scarcely recalled.
The soul, choked and smothered by blackness,
Leaving only pain.
The memory of happiness is fleeting,
A dream forgotten the moment the mind wakes from slumber,
A goal too lofty to be real, it slips away with each passing day.
Where once there was hope now dwells only despair,
An emptiness that fills the shell of what once was but no longer is.
The pain has become eternal.
Life has become nothing more than a waste of death,
But even death brings no peace for it too is realized only through pain.
And so it goes, an empty soul drifting through the night,
Lost and alone, broken and hopeless.
But the night is darkest before the dawn.
Faint at first,
A glimmer, a speck, a pinprick of brilliance in eternal darkness.
Unfamiliar, strange, even frightening,
This glimmer shines in the distance.
There is nowhere left to float in darkness but toward the light,
It's warmth and brilliance burning my eyes and searing my flesh.
It's beauty captivates me.
Though I try to shut my eyes, to look away, to retreat from the pain of the unfamiliar,
To descend to the comfort of darkness and familiarity of a pain I know so well,
The world has been forever changed.
The eyes, having seen the light,
Can no longer live in the dark.
The skin, having felt the warmth so long missed,
Can no longer live in the frigid cold.
The world has been dark for so long,
But the presence of light has been realized.

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